Industrial Moves

Valley Wide Movers, Inc. specializes in moving large diameter tanks as well as boilers, food processing equipment, and factory equipment and machines. We also offer a "jack and roll" service. We are capable of installing a machine into the desired location inside your factory or shop where a forklift or crane does not fit. We will be happy to assist you with transporting any of your oversized equipment that you might have.
Our industrial moving services include transporting:
  • Steel/ stainless steel/ plastic Tanks
  • Various types of machinery
  • Food processing equipment
Forklift truck moving machinery - Movers in Atwater, CA
Huge Tank attached to truck - Movers in Atwater, CA
Machinery for moving - Movers in Atwater, CA
If you need to move your equipment from one point to another, call us to get the job done! We provide moving services to both residential and commercial customers throughout the region. Give us a call today for an estimate at (209) 358-5168.